It was summer when cousins gathered together at their grandparent’s house. It was always fun to go there after school break. The beauty of nature, the inviting sea breath, and the fresh food, all these sorts make their vacation more enjoyable every year.

But at that summer, horrible things happened.

When Liza’s grandmother out for two days to visit her sick friend in the city, they were left with their grandfather. He’s more fun to be with and lenient, but behind his kind face, there was a secret hidden.

On the first night, grandpa told her to sleep on their bed since grandma was not there. She thought he was her favorite because he let her in. But what had happened is never she can imagine.

At the crack of dawn, she woke up with a hand on her body, touching her small breast down to hers, from hers to her breast – again and again. She was frightened, she froze with fear and realized it was her grandpa’s doing. Why was he touching her? Since when he became a monster?  Does she have to shout and call for help?  With her eyes closed, she prayed to wake up from that terrifying dream.

The touching had stopped. He then kneeled at the altar, praying the early worship. She knew then, it wasn’t just a delusion, and while shutting her eyes in pretense, she cried in silence and despair. All she could see was a demon praying to his horrible god.

On the second night, grandpa asked the other cousin to stay with him in the bedroom. She must be the second favorite. She wanted to stop her, to tell her she knew what will happen. She needed to protect her, but how? the words can’t even start to mutter and her face clouded with so much fear. How can she help her?

And the door closed in deafening silence.

In the morning before grandma came, she decided to call home and beg to pick her up.  She wanted to tell her parents about it, but she was afraid, not only for herself but for the entire clan to be in chaos and shame. She even doubts if they would believe her story or they might punish her. She can’t trust no one.  She can’t even touch her own body and what will happen if no one believes her, maybe she can’t live anymore.

Liza never talks about what had happened in that summer to anyone, even to her closest friend. She embraced to be quiet while mentally and emotionally shattered. She decided to heal her wounds alone even it was hard to escape the image of that night. She even convinced herself that he was just touching her. She did everything to pull herself up and not to be defited by the monster. And what about her cousin? They have never talked after then, but she thought about her all the time, feeling sorry that she wasn’t able to keep her safe at that night, that she was weak and coward.

When her grandpa suffered from incurable disease and on the verge of suffering, she felt safe.  She stared at his devil face, mocked him in silence and with a sly smile said,  you can now rot in hell. 

When he died and send him to his final rest, Liza was there, not to weep, but to make it sure he cannot be able to live again. While everyone was grieving, she was rejoicing.  While the rest talked about their good memories with him, she was silent and deaf. While they prayed for grandpa’s soul to be in heaven, she begs God to punish him.

And now he’s gone, she wants peace in her heart.






  1. Thank you for writing this. Sexual abuse happens to children by someone they know. I was one of them and I had also remained silent. God bless.


  2. I hope this isn’t based on a personal experience. 😦 In reality, such things happen and it is not easy to speak up. Some people hide and try to ‘forget’ the experience. It’s scary ’cause monsters are sometimes closer to us than what we think.

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  3. There are times when one could not muster the is the time when things are being know people are being educated.. in those times no one would believe that anyone so close could do at such things..

    😥😥😥 Now I can teach my daughter my son as to what can happen..

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  4. Why didn’t she spoke out? 😠😠
    Every one should be punished here. The burning coals they set on is must give them wounds not us . The hands they touched us with should be burnt . The feelings they had should drag their soles to burning ashes. The face they see crying should seem them as horror . They should be burnt alive 😠😠 .
    And the girls that stay silent should be hanged till death as they give these evils another chance to touch their parts and have fun!
    These kind of weak girls should misterup courage otherwise there is a slap on all those faces who r still silent after having all gone through them 😠😠
    # wake up

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  5. Well as it can’t be categorized as a fiction….I’m too sad right now. Such incidents really happen…and those old freaks just can’t get out of their damn lust. It actually gives us the children abuse awareness…good job!

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      • And also encourage them to raise their voice whenever they feel such wrong things are happening. There are a lots of children facing such abuse but they’re afraid to go against this.

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