Pokhara is a city on Phewa Lake. It is known as a gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, a popular trail in the Himalayas. Pokhara is 25 minutes away from Kathmandu by plane, and 7-8 hours travel by bus. Since we cannot afford to waste time traveling by bus, we chose to go by plane though it costs us a lot. You can choose for any domestic flight from Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Nepal Air Flight and Simrik.

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Pokhara gave us fresh air to breathe. The road was clean and the sky was clear. It was a whole new world for us.


We stayed at Himalayas Crown Hotel for about two nights. We pay USD 45.00 for the room excluded breakfast. We arrange also with them our two days activities with a driver in a reasonable price.

After we unpack all our things and refresh, we started instantly our first-day tour.


It was named after Mrs. Davi, a Swiss tourist in Nepal, who was swimming in the Fewa Lake. The dam unexpectedly started to overflow and Davi’s husband helplessly looked on while the waters swept his wife down the waterfall. This version took place in the year 1961 and the body of Mrs. Davi was never recovered.



Entrance Fee: NPR 100.00

During the time we visited the falls, there was no rush water leading to underground so I feel like nothing is extraordinary, but the place around the fall is nice neat, clean and quiet with shops all around. I’d enjoyed seeing the green leaves rather than the falls itself.

Gupteswar Gupha

What I like in here is the exterior structure, it gave me a strange feeling.

They believed this cave to be 5000 years old and since they are still renovating the cave, it’s a bit of a steep, slippery, quite dark and very humid with water dripping from the top.   Inside the cave, you will find images of Lord Shiva and the snake. To be honest, I didn’t find it fascinating, maybe because the restoration made the cave muddy and damp. Entrance fee is NPR 100.00


PAGODA TEMPLE (World Peace Pagoda)



This is an excellent place for the tourists. You will enjoy the whole view of Pokhara from this high altitude, it’s tranquil and breathtaking too.  It’s best to visit in the morning to get a clear view of the mountain or a sunset. Restaurants are there if you want to stay longer and feel the calm air.  There’s no entrance fee, you could give some donations if you want.






We had only three places to visit for half day. It was kinda exhausting to do the trips from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Well, for our dinner, we were lucky since our hotel is just nearby from the restaurants and stores.

And hey, I met a new friend in the restaurant, her name is Rubi, a 4 years old Nepalis who speaks well in English.  She welcomes you to visit their place which I totally forgot the name.




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