ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT (K-drama 2016) Finale


On the way to the airport augment a controversial discussion from the commentary boxes as an adultery themed show which is not appropriate to be exposed. Some passed their opinions how horrible it could be to support such kind of a drama. But wait? Have you seen the whole story before judging the book by its cover?

Well, I was officially sold by this drama, it was morally written and significantly more than just an affair. It deals with one of the major issues and crisis of our society which has been increasing rapidly – Marital Problems – that leads to family separation, annulment of marriage and or divorce.

Mind this that the show is not a lovey-dovey, but for those who are starved of affection, love, support, understanding, and connection to their spouses.  The plot is deeper; some episodes will make you uncomfortable, sympathizing what is not right, it would actually make you grin and tremble, you got stuck in the traffic of your own principles, try to toss stones at women who wanted to escape from misery, but eventually you will believe that there is more than of emotional attraction in this world, that there is limit of everything and the feeling alone of being together is unbearable.

On the way to the airport was well directed. Though everything is heightened with sensitivity, but it was carefully executed.  The cast performances are amazingly convincing, they are beautiful and sophisticated despite the controversial concept of it.

I recommend for you to watch this drama. It serves as an eye opener to everyone that marriage is not a bed of roses. It conveys that marriage comes with hiccups and sometimes hurricanes. It never asked us to be unfaithful to our partners when we are in the midst of difficulties, but helps us see the other way around; the cause and effect, the solutions and decisions.

On the way to the airport wanted to reminds us that we should always be affectionate, appreciative and respect our partners, and if problem comes, we should settle it by listening to each other woes and finding solutions. In case, it becomes hopeless, loveless and helpless, our heart will tell us what we need to do, and that we have the right to decide for our own happiness.


Verdict: 9/10


Kim Ha-Neul as Choi Soo-A

Lee Sang-Yoon as Seo Do-Woo

Shin Sung-Rok as Park Jin-Suk

Choi Yeo-Jin as Song Mi-Jin

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