Another Oh Hae-young (K-drama)2016


The story follows two women with the same name of Oh Hae-Young and a man who has the ability to see the future and tries to get away from the two Oh Hae-Youngs.

There are lots of laughs, bawling, guessing, kissing, unpredictable and unexpected moments in this drama. I feel like I was reading a romance novel. I was able to laugh and cry with them, I was retold again and engulf with what is reality, of being in love, of how to be love and be loved.

For me, the story has been wonderfully written. Each character was greatly executed. There were twists and lots of style of mixing up the lives of two people who shared the same name. It was shown the domino effect of every action and decisions. I have learned that happiness is a decision to make and that every choice has consequences. The effect might be right or wrong, but whatever choices we make determine of what kind of life we are living.

The protagonists told, “Just live no matter how. Even if it hurts, still live. If you survive, it means you’ve won.” 

Never hesitate to give love.


“When I think about it, I’ve never given myself one hundred percent to love. I was always cautious and nervous. I worried if I liked the person more. Let’s not do that anymore. If I meet someone I like, I will love him all the way until I get dumped. I’ll never turn around crying because I was told to get lost. I’ll hold onto the man and not let go, even if I get beaten up. I’ll give it everything. Shouldn’t you fall in love once in your lifetime? “

Verdict: 10/10




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