Goodbye Grumpy!

Let’s say if you have a roomie who is  grumpy and just concerned only with her own interest. Are you going to separate from her?

What if she’s going to leave you first and you have this “oh, I must be the one to do it” looks in your face, wondering what’s her real cause because you knew she’s quite a fibber and right into your very eyes you can’t believe her anymore. What are you going to do then?

When I was told that she wanted to leave the soonest, my mind burst with fury. Yes, I could have gotten angry in front of her, told her I couldn’t afford to pay the rent by myself or just fucking hit her, but wow I was able to calm myself.  My aim is to make her feel like a guilty child, not because I wanted her to stay, but to highlight that she wasn’t a big lose to my end.

After three days without so much effort, I found a new place to stay. I think it helps me to find nearly because I allowed myself out of negativity. How to avoid them?

Here’s the summary I got from wiki.

  1. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS.  I reformed my thoughts to “I am free now from a grumpy person ever.”
    I don’t have to explain myself as long as I didn’t do anything bad from this situation.
  3. FORGIVE and FORGET. I think I can do this even if I start it with a fake smile and need to hold my tongue.
  4. DISTRACT YOURSELF FROM NEGATIVE THINKING.  I go out, meet with my real friends, talk about it if necessary and jogged to release the tension. We could do so many things to distract ourselves from negativity.


    Goodbye Grumpy. Hope not to see you soon.



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