Evil & Justice

“What is wrong? And what is right? What’s the difference between Evil and Justice?”



      • It’s a tough question. Evil actions are wrong, but are all wrong actions evil? No. Just the same all right actions are not justice. I don’t think there is a clear cut ‘line’ one can lay down and say, ‘over here is evil, over there is not.’ Same for justice. It’s a question each of us has to decide in our own hearts and the reason it is so hard is that it isn’t a clear line. Some people are too paralyzed by fear to make a stand on one side of the line or the other.

        Are there degrees of evil/wrong? Yes. Degrees of good/ justice? Yes. These are questions we must each answer for ourselves, every moment of every day. Did I serve Justice or Evil today? Or did I stand on the sideline afraid to commit?

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  1. I would say evil is violation of our higher nature. Justice, on the other hand, would be what it takes to make that violation of our higher nature come back into equilibrium. Justice is often attempted, but rarely achieved, for full justice involves restoration.


  2. Evil and justice…… mmmmmmmmmmh you got me thinking…. Here is my line of thinking without thinking too much about it. I don’t believe that there is justice in incarcerating criminals in a cell to sit with their thoughts forever is justice. I don’t even agree that evil can be atoned by the death sentence- some like to think that it is justice. I don’t think I would find peace and a sense of justice if some one who hurt a loved one of mine was put on death row. I would want him/her put away and I would wish for some kind of rehabilitation for that person. Sometimes EVIL is another word to cover the umbrella of what we don’t understand -justice is personal. I don’t know… Just typed what popped into my head when you posted this.. 🙂


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