I’ve always been praised and admired of my handwriting. I always take pride in it too. But this admiration, sometimes leads me to trouble. For instance, one of the boys asked me a favor to write his love letter secretly using my handwriting, and it ended up with the gossip about me the one of whom liked the girl!

It follows an advantage too. One of the boys I liked from school became friendly to me because he wanted me to write his name on all his books. Huh! It was heaven then!

On the other hand, I have a terrible cursive handwriting. I am not using it all the time, so it seems unfamiliar almost to everyone.


I always used this terrible handwriting when and every time I’m not in the mood and when I’m on the rush to write. When I was in my college years, I hated one girl in my class. So my friends and I used my cursive handwriting to write a love letter, pretending it was from her admirer, placed it in her books and she’ll read it with hopes and highs. It was fun to see her like that so I think I made a letter of five before she discovered it was not real. Later, my friends and I apologized, but we never reveal who’s handwriting it was.

According to research our handwriting can give different personality traits that best describe us. I would love someone will study my handwriting and help me realize some traits I couldn’t even discovered for myself.

What does your handwriting say about you?

In response to the Daily Post: HANDWRITING


  1. Your handwriting looks like print, it so clear and artistic !
    Thanks for posting, it pushes me to start writing now !
    I wrote in my handwriting after so many years. Please let me know is it 😉

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    • I’m still doing the old school style, like sending cards & letters by my handwriting. It is more sentimental compared to texting and fb messaging. So try to start writing too, it would be fun. Thank you 🙂

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