KILL ME HEAL ME (Korean drama)


A very interesting drama and I am  totally hooked on it.

Kill me heal me is a story about a wealthy businessman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Because of his childhood trauma, he developed personality which fractures into seven different identities.


Cha Do-hyun, the good guy who suffers from dissociative identity disorder


Shin Se-gi , the bad guy and playboy.


Perry Park, 40 years-old man and bomb expert.


Ahn Yo-sub, a suicidal, intelligent teenage boy and artist.


Ahn Yo-na, an extrovert and sassy teen girl who has a love for idols.


Nana, a 7 years-old girl who loves teddy bears.

The 7 personality is still to comes.

The genre is quite different compared from the rest, and that made this drama exciting.  I really want to see how this 7 personalities would agree to become one.


and opppsss…new oppa I discovered.  Park Seo-joon as Oh Ri-on (Orion) as a genius mystery novelist who investigates about Seung Jin Family.

cast kill me heal me


Verdict: 10/10


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