The Most Impolite

Her name is Ima. She’s the most impolite employee I have ever encountered in 15 years of my life working. I tried not to mind her over the past months, but oh my!. I thought it’s only me who notice of her character, but it seems not. Well, I don’t want to judge her really, but let me reckon all the things I don’t like about her.

She didn’t greet another employee she met in the hallway (except for the bosses).

She doesn’t have the habit to say “excuse me” and tends to interrupt you even when you’re talking to someone or on the phone (except for the bosses).

She keeps other people waiting, which makes these people annoyed with her.

She never showed up during our team building & annual party.

She never interacts with other employees (except for the bosses).

When I was new, she didn’t help me to learn everything I am supposed to know.

She undisclosed her work to me as if we are not a team.

She treated me a newbie, and that is so funny.

Maybe this is not considered as a hot potato. But I am talking here about character and attitude. I am certain of her character because it surfaces through her actions, and I couldn’t do anything about it. But I just wish she’ll improve her attitude because attitude is a choice. To have a good character, you should have the right values; being well-mannered, pleasant and professional is one of them.

Honestly, I don’t like my character when I’m pissed off, I have the tendency to make you cry, I have done that before. But, I choose not to be anymore. I pick to be patient, more patient in dealing with different circumstances. I didn’t “yet” insulted her, nor hit her hard, but in due time, I will let her know those things I don’t like about her.



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