TRUE BLOOD (the last season)


After 7 seasons of this serial-American drama, it has finally come to the END. I was like feeling sad and asking what? why? I will surely miss this series, I have been watching them since the beginning. The show had flaws, but I was always entertained. The acting was always spot on. The action, love and humor were awesome. I liked the ending and most of season 7. True Blood wrapped up each character’s storyline nicely.

I loved all of the Eric and Pam scenes, it was purely, ultimate platonic love story. Eric was so funny in the car grooving to techno music with blood on his face. I just love him.


I cried with Sookie when she and Bill ended his life together, though I hate that he made her do it, but I think it was the purpose.


I didn’t cry during Hoyt and Jessica’s wedding. For me it was so fast to happen but it was a little cute then.


It felt right that Sam moved out from Bon Temps to start a new life with his wife and daughter.


I liked that Sookie didn’t give up her Fae, it is a major part of who she is. They didn’t show Sookie’s husband’s face at the end, maybe because it didn’t really matter who he was, the point was that she found a “normal” life and happiness.
It was as definitely time to end the show. It wasn’t perfect but great ending.


I will surely miss them.  I had a great time watching all the season from the start to the end.


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