Summer in year 1993, I was in the north side of the Philippines.

There I met this guy named Felipe who was having his vacation out of the ordinary. He was there for a summer job at his relatives’ mechanical shop and I was there to look at and bond with my grandparents.  I notice Felipe amongst from the rest of his cousins because he was tall and fine-looking.  The first time he met my eyes he smiled and waved at me.  I got all nervous but I was able to do the same.

It was 21 years passed and I cannot remember exactly how we became friends and what we had talked about that summer. But when I think about him I couldn’t fail to remember our late night sneaking time, secret meetings and secret exchanged of letters. I was just 14 and I wasn’t allowed to meet any guy, which has to justify all the secrets.

We exchanged addresses when summer has gone.  We wrote to each for about 6 months, it was all about sending pictures and sharing anything. There was no love, no misses and kisses.

Then one day, I stopped.  I found a new crush. A school guy.

I know this story is so lame but I couldn’t help to write it.  I dreamt of him last night. The same tall guy, the meetings and the letters.  I don’t know why. It was the first time after 21 years old of memories.  I don’t even know if he still remembers me but I do hope he is okay.


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