Most Embarrassing Moment – DAY 28


When I found out that my Mother was reading my diary frequently.  She was teasing me, showing gibberish smile and provoking me to hate her at that moment.

Of course I was embarrassed.  I was confident that all I have written there was for my eyes only.  It was a betrayal for my privacy.  I know she wanted to know a bit more about me, but snooping like that was very inappropriate.

I was aware that being a mother she should know everything that goes under her roof.  She was fully conscious that she didn’t know everything what was happening; that I was not telling her what was going on in my life. And that I need to understand. It was her responsibility to make it sure that I was thinking and feeling right.

But still It was the most embarrassing moment, when someone was aware what was in your mind.



  1. Ouch. This would be embarrassing and a real invasion of privacy

    I a mom now and I have never considered a desire to do such a think – I have boys. My younger son does the FB thing and I have gone on his page on occasion. He is aware – both he and his father have told him. I think he is glad of this fact – in this day and age, I think it brings some comfort to him.


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