Most people believe that being alone means LONELINESS. Well, the truth is it’s very normal to feel. Human nature has some loneliness inside, even people who have got everything of their heart’s desire is also feeling this way. There is no point to denying the disadvantages, and it’s better to find ways to either accept them or compensate for them.

I got lonely sometimes, and I hate it for some reasons. I just keep telling myself “This is what happens when you live alone!!” , it turns out occasionally when;

I got sick.

Afraid to die on CHOKING alone.

Woke up in a nightmare.

When my back is itchy and there’s no one soul to rub it.

Pay all the bills and expenses alone.

Being mad about something and there’s no one to divert the madness.

No one to bounce ideas off.

When I hear creepy noises at night.

Tend to talk to myself.

Sleep too much from boredom.

Carrying heavy stuff.

Musing over bad memories.

Apt to miss my loved ones all the time.

No one to prepare my meals.

I love to have “space” but I know that “too much space” can never substitute the love and warmth of being with someone. I have learned to balance between the advantages & disadvantages.  You just have to recognize yourself for who you are and how are you destined to act.

I am just the kind of person doesn’t want to remain lonely in the crowd.


“A person who is feeling lonely should avoid situations such as:

  • drinking alcohol alone.
  • using other escapes such as non-prescribed medications
  • watching so much television that it becomes a substitute for socializing “

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