8 Jul

Literally I drag myself to work today.  And my conscience reminded me of how difficult it was for me to find my job that suits my needs,  a good salary, two days off and a lenient bosses. So how can I just let this good opportunity to be wasted? So again, I make a quick knick-knack to my lazy head.

‘When you’re tired of your job, think of job, think of the jobless, the disabled and those who wish they had yours.”


“Remember: the company hired you to resolve company problems, not to be the problem of the company.”


“If you did not work harder today, you will work harder tomorrow in finding a job.”

That’s it. The best way to appreciate my job is to imagine myself without it.


2 Responses to “I LOVE MY JOB !”

  1. kyangel17 February 26, 2014 at 12:25 am #

    Keep telling yourself that. It’s really hard to find jobs out there. Happily I did have a job I loved but had to retire before I really wanted to because MS weakened my legs to the point that I was falling, so — now bored to death by retirement, spending the rest of my life in a power chair, getting a sore butt from that, and wishing I could get back out there in the health industry I retired from. Just find one thing a day at work to laugh at and it will all feel better. Love your blog.


    • An-En February 26, 2014 at 5:08 am #

      Thank you for sharing that. I will do it to “find one thing a day at work to laugh at and it will all feel better.”
      Thanks for dropping by. TC “,)


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