City Hunter (2011)


City Hunter gave that perfect combination of action, relationship struggle and romance. Began as a quest to avenge a death became a young man’s journey to unexpectedly becoming a hero. A hero showing the cost of being an idealist in a corrupt world.

For me, the father-son relationship was always the heart of the story. A rapport that was burdened with pain and misplaced love, a bonded tested with different beliefs, priorities and principles.

This drama focused on the story line, there were complicated episodes with many surprises in the series. There was a bit lacking of execution in some of the “revenge” which leaves me a slight bang, but I don’t mind.

The Finale was short and mystifying, leaving me a “what the heck?” impression. Throughout the series, our hero wanted to live a normal life after completing the revenge, but it leaves unanswered.

Did he?

Verdict 9/10


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