Starry Morning

27 Oct

You can’t always go back to the good times, but better times will come.


Did you smile today?

26 Oct


You have too!


We Are Almost Do The Same.

25 Oct


I saw him doing his daily work. Did he ever whine about it? feeling tedium? or maybe feeling grateful because he can be able to provide food and other necessities to his family? Is he thinking when he will stop working and live his life at ease? Is he hoping that one day he will be free from obligation and adversity? and just be happy normally?

I am whining, feeling boring, but thankful. I am thinking and hoping too. 

I am sure we are almost do the same.


Moonlight Drawn By Clouds -Finale (K-drama)

24 Oct

love_in_the_moonlight-p1Moonlight Drawn By Clouds wasn’t a perfect drama, but it was loved and elevated by every one of its all parts. No wonder they had an unfailing high rating till the end, plus the cast were able to build a solid fundamental of popularity from this show.

The plot is apparently the same as other Sageuk  drama we are watching; a political and power struggles in the palace, society inequality, hateful villains and falling in love to someone you shouldn’t be. Nothing is new right? but what makes this drama special was the influence of our protagonists when it comes to their acting execution.

Park Bo-Gum as Lee Young (Crown Prince) acted greatly the moment you saw him on screen. He was able to express his feelings and emotions with his eyes, used different manifestation on his faces which reflects a kind of depth beyond the attractive look on his surface. Undeniably, he acted so well in this drama with his super pretty face.  I’m quite sure you can’t take your eyes off him.

Kim You-Jung as Hong Ra-On (Traitor’s daughter), even she disguised as a male, she still the most beautiful man in this drama, she was shining and brilliant too.  Though for the entire episodes, I have never thought her as man, but there’s no doubt of her acting skill, she’s always been consistent in every way around.

Jin Young as Kim Yoon-Sung, the  tender, daring and passionate person who falls in love with Hong Ra-On.   Though he struggled so much as part of Kim’s family who hungers for power and cause the royal family instability, he was able to follow the right shadow, though it leads him to his death.  Death of showing what it just by protecting the people you love.  Oh, he got me with his performance and charm.  He’s so convincing in his part.


Honestly, I don’t feel the element of surprise in this drama. I was just enjoying the lighthearted plot, the simple development of each character, the magic charisma of our prince, the lovey-dovey and the sold romance of our protagonist. I was in heaven from episode one to ten, but just got bored in the middle because of the sluggish pacing of the story. The last two episodes hit me with excitement though it shows lops and trims, some questions to raised, but left buried.

They wrapped up the finale carefully and neatly. Covered carefully, for not giving space to welcome any fierce reactions from the viewers. Neatly, for the happy open ending, far from disappointments, but not too close to perfections.

After all, what we need is just a happy ending to satisfy our soul of imagination.

Thank you Moonlight for the ride full of fun and cheesy moments!


Verdict: 8/10


Dare To Quit?

23 Oct


“Don’t complain about your job. If you hate it, quit.

If there’s something wrong with it, find a way to fix it.

If it’s a good job, be grateful for it.

If you want more out of your job, make it happen.”




On the way to HOPE.

20 Oct


“Don’t you know how great it is to miss something? All you have to do is wait. It gives me hope.”

Does waiting give you hope? That someplace, something is waiting to be known, to be happening mysteriously? Or are you the one who thought that waiting is just a waste of time and a rust to your life?


What a Wonderful Life

18 Oct



"Chapter One: Leave the past where it belongs"

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